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Leadership and Talent acquisition – Since 1993 Executive Recruitment Services to many local and global business around the World with their offices  both in Turkey and Canada. Talent Acquisition: Our multi-disciplined recruitment process provides your company with a professional service capable of sourcing qualified professionals for your company.  To ensure that the candidate who is…

Assessment and Restructuring: From time to time all your company may need is a third party objective ‘Situational Assessment’; what stage of development is your company in, who are your competitors, what are your strengths and weaknesses, your opportunities and threats.  After a detailed investigation Capella & Auriga’s team of qualified professionals will prepare a…

Tailor-made Training Programs: Capella & Auriga’s training programs will make a difference for your company. Capella & Auriga prides itself on the fact for tailor making each training program after assessing companies’ training needs. Capella & Auriga’s training programs also include a follow-up system to ensure that the training has been effective.

Project Perfectum is a plan provided to our clients to have a strong corporate culture formed of human capital who have mind – soul and body balance. Capella & Auriga is a human resources solution partner for many local and global companies, with no geographical boundaries since 1993. Our company’s dedicated years and know-how in…

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Deniz and her team at Capella & Auriga has extensive Knowledge about Human resources management and they add value to company that provide services.

Orhan Turan

TÜRKONFED - Türk Girişim ve İş Dünyası Konfederasyonu - Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı

Capella & Auriga İnsan Kaynakları Danışmanlığından, Deniz Başıbüyük’ün temsilinde. ilk kez Ankara’da 1993 yılında hizmet aldık. Güvenilir ve kaliteli hizmetleriyle öne çıkan bir firmadır.

Dr. Eng. M. Sani Şener

CEO/Executive Board Member - TAV Airports Holding

I would recommend Deniz and the Capella & Auriga's team of consultants to anyone who is in need of knowledgeable and caring solution partners for success through advancing their human capital.

Randy Upright

CEO at Manpower