In 1993, after leaving Ankara Business Center, one of the first management consulting firms in Turkey, Deniz Başıbüyük founded “Human Resources Consulting”. In 1996, with structural re-organisation and diversification, the company entered new horizons under the name of Capella & Auriga Human Resources Consulting

The name, Capella – one of the 15 brightest stars that is seen from the earth- and Auriga – the constellation where Capella can be found – symbolises the relationship between the company and its human capital as well as its customers.

Capella’s services are supported by a professionally trained and experienced team, which remains dedicated and active in improving the human resources sector in Turkey.  Contributions can often be in seen in articles which have been published in industry magazines, human resources supplements, and daily papers.  In addition, Capella & Auriga frequently participates in non-profit educational seminars for universities and clubs.

Capella & Auriga, being an Ankara based company, has established long term relationships with numerous local and multinational companies in Ankara.  With the opening of it’s İstanbul office on March 1998, Capella & Auriga has expanded functioning areas to give even better and faster service to clients based in Istanbul. This is followed by opening of their Canada office in 2004.

Although Capella & Auriga professionally services a wide range of clients from different sectors and of different sizes, its quality and dedication to each client remain the same. Capella & Auriga is known with its long term relationship with its clients.