Management Consulting

Management Consulting

Assessment and Restructuring:

From time to time all your company may need is a third party objective ‘Situational Assessment’; what stage of development is your company in, who are your competitors, what are your strengths and weaknesses, your opportunities and threats.  After a detailed investigation Capella & Auriga’s team of qualified professionals will prepare a report and presentation which will provide answers to help your company keep focus in a very competitive marketplace.

Today’s aggressive marketplace can offer your company many new opportunities while threatening your current activities.  Although many companies realize this, they may be left paralysed to do anything, since they lack the time or the resources.  Capella & Auriga’s detailed assessment program combined with a business plan can show your company how to adapt to changes in the marketplace.

We are here to support your company with capital solutions.  This includes, but not limited to, preparing job descriptions, preparing organisational structures, creating Performance Evaluation Systems, creating Employee Feedback Systems.

Through our outplacement services; Outplacement Services; we will conduct interviews to help your employees transition into a new workplace, following your decision for them to be laid off,  polish up their resume, prepare them for interviews, work on their networking skills and introduce them to job search strategies.