Project Perfectum

Project Perfectum

Project Perfectum is a plan provided to our clients to have a strong corporate culture formed of human capital who have mind – soul and body balance.

Capella & Auriga is a human resources solution partner for many local and global companies, with no geographical boundaries since 1993. Our company’s dedicated years and know-how in the industry has pushed us to lead new ways, additional to our proven HR consulting services of creating a positive change in companies’s most important asset, which is human resources.

“Project Perfectum” is not limited to our corporate consious but one of it’s main target is positive contribution to the society we live in and fullfill some of our social responsibility mandates of our company as well as serving our clients with best possible Human Resources outcomes.

Project Perfectum was born because we kept asking the questions of:

  • 1. “ How could we be more beneficial to our client companies”
  • 2. “ How could we add more value to what we do best”
  • 3. “ How could we carry our work to even more socially aware grounds”
  • 4. “ How could we create a positive change in current human capital practices”

During our millions of interviews of executives, our consultants aggreed that no one named their office as their happy place. One of our leading questions were, “how to make the office a happy place for an employee?”   Money is a motivational factor but the happiness generated through money provides a very short term effect.

Our executive search process is very detailed. We try to avoid focusing only on the classical resume information of professionals during our selection process.  Our interviews try to surface the intangible information about a person. Rather than focusing only what that person achieved until then, how this person has achieved what he/she achieved, is he/she living a balanced life? Is his/her success is sustainable in her/his lifestyle? Is he supporting his professional goals with healthy mind, healthy soul and healthy body?  But he truth is we are not involved in the reruitment of each and every employee in the corporations and no matter how consious a professional is for above adressed points, corporate culture should be supportive of this understanding for this to be maintaned.  Project Perfectum is a plan provided to our clients for them to include this understanding in their corporate culture to have strong human capital who have mind – soul and body balance.

Diplomas and resumes can only provide partial assurance for someone’s mind performance.  Once you step in a big corporation with preferably Harry Potter’s cape that will make you invisible, observing a floor full of employees; the way they are sitting, the emotions embedded in how they look, if they are focused or just killing time, do they look productice, do they look healthy, do they look happy, etc… Your answers to such questions are determining factors if that Corporation will benefit from its human resources or not.  We all know that there is not a sufficient assurance to a positive feedback to above questions.  Once sociology, pyschology and antropology are taken into consideration when determining the work place needs, all the studies have common understanding for the fundamental needs of the workplace.  Freedom, security, belonging, achievement, purpose, status are fundamental needs for professionals in the work place.  Capella Auriga’s Project Perfectum will definitely create positive advancement in all these areas.

In most cases, professionals who were hired with only their resume information may resign or being fired due to unhealthy structure of their mind, soul and body balance or the lack of this balance either in the employer or in the corporate culture. No one would argue that once the soul and body is going through problems, you can not expect positive functioning from one’s mind too. Just contrary negative functioning starts when this balance is not achieved. These negative effects can be as simple as de-functioning, lack of performance or creativity or more severe such as mental or physical illness at the level that one has to stop working.

“Project Perfectum” is formed of variety of solution packages that adresses the ignored ways of advancing the performance and strenth of your human capital. This plan achieved with a strong team of professionals who have proven success record in human wellbeing in every sense, including career specialist, training specialists, counsellors, coaches, doctors, fitness specialist, dieaticians, art advisors.